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About Green Consultants is a consulting business that offers residential energy assessments and eco-consulting services related to solar energy as its primary activity. It will also offer related environmental management products and services as secondary services including water storage tanks, grey water solutions, Air conditioning & Refrigeration installations, services, breakdowns and training. The expected outcomes of the business environmental management services include: • Reduction of the client’s electricity and water bills through environmentally friendly solutions. • Changing the behavior patterns of clients in terms of how they contribute to environmental degradation. • Reduction of the carbon footprint associated with clients business and social activities. • Saving the ratepayers additional tariff increases due to uncontrolled electricity demand. • Retrofitting potential energy / water saving equipment. • Sales and installations of energy / water saving equipment. The firm offers a wide range of products and solutions that support the above-mentioned outcomes.
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    Contact us regarding those high un-control able electricity bills we will assist you by conducting a energy assessment at a affordable rate that will safe you money monthly on you electricity bill